What we do

We run, we paint, we organise events.... We do what is necessary to raise funds to help research into Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, spread the word that children get arthritis too and help train our professionals in the field of paediatric rheumatology.

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We run marathons to try and get people involved in what we do.

We organise fundraising lunches with second hand toy markets and raffles.

We paint personalised paintings with our kids.

What we do

It all started back in 2009 when, after 1 year of ilana’s illness, we decided to raise money for Arthritis Research UK. We wanted to use sport as the basis of our fundraising efforts. We wanted to set challenging goals, try to work hard and sacrifice a lot to achieve them. Running marathons needs this type of effort so we decided that this would be the place to begin and a way of giving something in return for donations received.

We also started to organise a summer fundraising lunch with a second hand toy market and raffle.

In 2012, we started our ‘Pinturas Solidarias’ campaign. We sell personalised paintings done by our kids with our help.

We are relying on your help in order to continue funding research in the future


London marathon
4.358,00 £
Pinturas Solidarias
1.100,00 £
3rd bbq fundraising lunch
2.811,55 £
Total 2012
8.269,55 £


The total amount raised thanks to many generous donations, has helped fund two projects run by Arthritis Research UK:

1.-Trial of a new biologic drug that would be used not only for juvenile idiopathic arthritis but for rheumatoid arthritis too.

2.-Define how the LYP protein (codified by the PTPN22 gene) affects how white blood cells that manage the way the immune system fights against infection behaves.


London marathon
6.045,00 £
2nd bbq fundraising lunch
3.235,37 £
Total 2011
9.280,37 £


The total amount raised, thanks to many generous donations, has helped fund two research projects run by Arthritis Research UK:

1.-The testing of genetic therapy to treat inflammation in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

This study tries to work out why the cells that reduce inflammation in children with jia change to cells that attack and destroy joints and if there is any way by using genetic therapy (inserting genes into these cells) this behaviour can be changed so that these cells can be converted into cells that fight against inflammation.

2.-To work out why children with Down's syndrome suffer more from arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, what type of juvenile idiopathic arthritis is the most frequent in these children and how severely it affects them.

Cifras 2010

Madrid marathon
7.880,00 £
1st bbq fundraising lunch
2.570,52 £
Total 2010
10.450,52 £


The total amount raised, thanks to many generous donations, has helped fund two research projects run by Arthritis Research UK:

1.-A clinical trial to prevent blindness in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

30% of children who suffer from juvenile idiopathic arthritis are at risk of getting uveitis (swelling of the uvea). A third of these children who suffer from uveitis get it to such an extent that it causes cataracts, loss of vision, an increase in eye pressure and even blindness.

2.-The creation of a biological blood and saliva bank with samples from children with jia who are on different biologic treatments, to check the long term safety, side effects and effectiveness of these treatments.